Sunday, September 20, 2009


I saw this on a blog tonight and thought it was so fabulous, that I had to share with you! It is how to make the pin that Shelli made at convention in August! The tutorial is HERE at Pennie McCallum's Blog!

Shelli's Flower Pins by Pennie McCallum:
Did you attend convention this year? Did you see the Flower Pins that Shelli made? Did you want to make one? Me Too! So I did! Here is one of them that I am going to show you a "how to" that I did, and then I'll show you some more of the ones I made. ANY OF THESE PICTURES YOU CAN JUST CLICK ON THEM AND VIEW THEM LARGER!

1) First, select your fabrics, I like a real mixture - anything from denim to satin brocades.

2) Next, cut out the flowers you want - sorry this picture came out very yellowed. I actually did not use 4 of the smallest flowers in this picture (see above).

I used 2 sets of four flowers in the 2nd largest size for my base (see above).

3) Fold your first two flowers in half and overlap them at right angles to each other - I took a stitch or two to easily hold them into place (recommend this highly - see above).

4) Now add your third flower (folded in half) and overlap the bottom section with the previous flower (again make a stitch or two - see above).

5) Watch this step closely - you are adding the final - the 4th flower (lightest greenish gray one in this picture) to this layer. Overlap the bottom two petals of this folded flower with the dark green flower. NOW, carefully pick up just the first flower (denim top) and carefully slide the new layer under the denim. Still with me? Now add another stitch or two.

6) Now you are going to start a whole new layer - I used four more of the same size flowers (if you are making one, you can choose to do more of the same size or start a smaller flower layer - hey it's your pin - you design it). I am starting this layer with the red flower (stitch again with each flower addition in my opinion).

Continue around with the second layer until you have added the four flowers, weaving the last flower under half of the first flower as in the previous layer just as in Step 5.

7) Here is what my completed 2nd layer looked like (see above).

8) I continued my layers in the same manner (picture below shows pin after the fourth layer, before my final layer is added).

Aren't these cool? Now go to her blog and she will tell you the fabrics she used and the amounts! Tell her Renee sent you! She is very talented and I am so happy she shared with us! SHE ALSO HAS MORE SAMPLES TO L O O K AT! WOOHOO FOR PENNIE!

I have made so many cards and projects but cannot size them or lighten or darken them due to losing my Photoshop program in my computer crash. I am trying to learn some other programs, but they are just not the same!?!! Boo hoo for me!

See you soon,