Sunday, July 12, 2009

Check out the Stampin' with Kerin's Blog!!!

Kerin has a wonderful blog that I have to visit everyday! She just had over 150,000 hits and is offering some fabulous blog candy! Go check it out HERE!

The Most Beautiful Custom Made Project For ME!!!

About a week and a half ago - several people on LNS were talking about storage for their stamp pads, re-inkers and markers. There were some samples posted and links posted to where you could purchase some. I told my husband about them and he said he would make me one! *Bonus* I showed him some pictures and gave him a stamp pad, a re-inker and a marker and he went to town. Now I thought he was going to make something that everyone would want and would want to purchase from him. Everything he makes as a Master Craftsman Wood Worker is so amazing and I am not sure why I thought he would come up with something that the everyday SU person would want to or be able to purchase! No - NOT MY HUSBAND! Everything he makes has to be quality, almost perfect and a work of art! He came up with the most beautiful piece of furniture you can imagine! It is made out of cedar and probably weighs about 20 lbs. and he even left the "natural look" of the cedar on the bottom piece for me to enjoy. Take a look - isn't he amazing??? I am very lucky that he loves me so much!
Here are the pictures I took as I am very happy with my new treasure. See you soon!